Important Reminders about Parents Visiting our School

  • All visitors who are coming during the school day, to work in classrooms, join us for lunch, have a teacher conference, etc… must check in first at the office and get a visitor’s pass. We do this to ensure the safety of our children. However, conferences held after dismissal, once the students have been dismissed, do not require stopping by the office first.

  • We appreciate that our parents avoid early pick ups and allow their children to have a complete day of learning. We do understand in some instances, doctor appointments, etc… necessitate leaving school early. If you absolutely must pick up your child early from school, please try to give the teacher a note in advance. All students must be checked out through the office and signed out.

  • Parents picking up children in a vehicle can pick up a vehicle sign from the main office. We are asking that you write the name and grade of the students you are picking up on the sign. Names should be written in large print with a black marker and placed on the rear view mirror. If you are unable to pick up your children and will be sending someone in your place, please make sure they have the vehicle sign to display. This will let us know that it is permissible to release the student to that person. Otherwise, it will be necessary for that person you are sending to park, come to the front office, and present a photo ID or know the code word that is on the student’s identification card. This person must also be listed as a pick-up person on your child’s ID card. An identification card will be coming home with your child on the first day of school.

Thank you!
Our children's safety is important!