Media Center

Welcome to the Media Center! 

The Rock Springs Media Center is a learning hub integral to teaching and learning, and is available to our students, teachers, staff and parents. Rocks Springs Media Center follows the mission statement adopted by Orange County Media Specialists:

“School library media programs enable students to learn.  Through promoting reading appreciation, teaching information literacy skills, providing access to intellectual resources, facilitating critical thinking and independent learning, Orange County Public Schools library programs contribute to student achievement and the support of lifelong learning.”


Students in all grades visit the library for book check out as often as possible, either independently in small groups, or as a class with their teacher.  Library skills are frequently taught one-on-one, at point of need, but whole classes are also prearranged for academic story times, to teach library and research skills, and/or familiarize students with well-known authors and illustrators.


The following guidelines for book check out have been established:

Students in grades K-1 may check out one book, 2 - 4 may check out two books and 5th may check out three books. They are allowed to take the books home, providing they bring the books back on time and in good condition.

1.   Books are due back after two weeks or they may be renewed.  Students must present the book in order for it to be renewed.  No books will be checked out to a student with overdue books.

2.   It is helpful if books are returned first thing in the morning, before school.

3.   Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child is returning books on time and have the responsibility of restitution for damaged and/or lost books.



What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

AR is a reading program with the goal of  developing critical thinking skills, instilling a love of reading, and improving reading through computerized quizzes.

How does AR work?

Teachers work with their students to set a quarterly goal.  Students read a book that is within their reading level and then use a school computer to take a quiz on that book. AR will be found in their launchpad this year under the Library Research Tools tab. Quizzes may only be taken at school but students may access AR from home to see which tests they have taken and the points they have accumulated.

If a student has read a book within his/her level, a score of 80% or higher is expected.  Students earn points for successful completion of books and quizzes.  As they work toward their goal, they may earn prizes.  A book’s point value is based on its difficulty and length.

When do students begin using AR?

Students in 1st - 5th grade usually begin using AR in the 1st quarter of the school year.

Students in  Kindergarten begin using AR by the third quarter, and sometimes sooner.

Where can I get AR books?

Because Rock Springs subscribes to AR Enterprise, most books in the Rock Springs library are AR books and therefore have quizzes.  Many books from other libraries and in bookstores also are AR books. To see if a book is AR and has a quiz, visit




The Sunshine State Young Readers’ Award (SSYRA) is a reading program that rewards students in grades K-2 and 3 - 5 for reading 15 recently published books suitable for the elementary age.  Click on the link for a list of SSYRA books for this school year!

SSYRA Jr. Book List K-2

SSYRA Book List for Grades 3-5



You can now look up books in Rock Springs’s media center from home!  Simply click on the link below to be directed to the website where you can view the collection.  There are many helpful links on the homepage for you to use as well.  



Two book fairs will offer students the opportunity to purchase books on their own.  One book fair will be held November 3rd - 10th  and another will be May 6th - 10th.  Look for more information about these fairs in our Rock Springs  Newsletter!  Money earned from the book fair is used to purchase new books for the media center.