Back to School Info

As the district prepares for schools to reopen for the 2020-2021 school year, there are three models that have been approved for students. You may review more information about each of these options below:

  • Face-to-Face
  • OCVS
  • [email protected]

Please note that the Face to Face and [email protected] option keeps your child’s registration connected to Rock Springs Elementary and instruction is provided by Rock Springs Elementary’ s teachers. We also encourage our families to read over FAQs for general questions for each model as well as the ESE Q&A.

Start Date:
All enrolled students at Rock Springs Elementary will begin the 2020-2021 school year on August 10th virtually via [email protected] Families that have selected Face-to-Face for their child will transition to that format on Friday, August 21st.

Supply Lists:
The Classroom Supply Lists have been uploaded to the school website and can be found under the parents tab. Classroom Supply List.
The Lists were created assuming the students would return to the school building. If you are choosing [email protected], your child will still need some supplies, but not as many as if he/she is physically returning to the building. It is recommended that you invest in buying headphones or earbuds to use with the laptops. This will help with distractions if at home, and it is an item the students should not share once they are back in the building.

All K-5 students will be issued a device. Kindergarten and first grade students will receive iPads, and second through fifth grade students will receive laptop devices. We will begin passing out devices soon. Student devices are available to all students, and Face-to-Face students will be bringing the devices back and forth to school throughout the first semester.

We encourage you to stay connected and check our website periodically for updates related to back-to-school activities and events. You can also check our Facebook page for updates.